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It is the perfect time of the year to get gutters cleaned or replaced and fascia and soffits renewed.

The upcoming autumn and winter weather can cause lots of blockages to guttering which can cause the onset of damp and back up of water which cannot flow freely.

If your fascia and soffits are looking tired then we would always recommend a professional take a look as they carry out a really important role in protecting your roof.

New UVPC fascia’s and soffits come in a range of colours and can be installed at a reasonable budget, we provide a full service from cleaning gutters, repairs to existing and new.

New UVPC will give the whole house a facelift along with giving you the insurance that your gutters will be in tip top condition for the upcoming bad weather.

All our new fascia and soffits come with a 10 year guarantee

For information about repair, renewal or maintenance of your guttering, fascias and soffits contact K Harrison Roofing in Essex today.

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