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Why now’s the time to get your roof repaired


Roofing repairs in EssexIf you’ve been looking at your roof and thinking it may need a few repairs, now’s the time to get in touch with K.Harrison Roofing in Essex to sort it out.

You may well be wondering why now? Well, as we cling to the last few days of good weather, it’s the perfect time for an Essex roofer to start the work without being hindered by rain, snow and whatever else British autumn and winter has in store for us.

Another good reason to sort out those repairs now is, actually, also to do with the weather. If you’re noticing now that slate tiles need replacing or your fibre glass roof system needs resealing then you’re really going to notice it come winter as rain begins to leak through, or gale force winds cause further damage. The same goes for your guttering (which we also do). If you need new guttering, it’s best to get it now before the poor weather hits, saving you from leaks and damp patches. And if your existing guttering just needs a bit of maintenance, we can do that too, making sure it’s clear of any leaves and other bits so it doesn’t overflow.

While we’re up there, we can also see if there are any other problems that you won’t be able to spot from the ground and advise you accordingly. If we can fix it now, it could save you time and money further down the line when the problem worsens after harsh winter weather. If access is a problem, no need to worry as we can use a cherry picker instead of scaffold.

So, if you’re concerned about your roof, don’t wait until it becomes a serious problem to call an Essex roofer, give us a shout and we can help you at a time that’s convenient for you.

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